Once In A Lifetime Quotes

Here are some quotes from Once In A Lifetime by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman -

"What did they have to go and make pictures talk for? Things were going along fine. You couldn't stop making money - even if you turned out a good picture you made money."

"I have twelve magnificent dogs, all named after Fox executives."

Meterstein - "Why don't we buy it?  'Strange Interlude'.  And look at the name you get!  Eugene O'Neill!
Chasen - "Did he write the music too?"

Kammerling - "You pull that ribbon and then the pigeons will fly out"
Bishop - "They aren't going to fly down on me again are they?"
Kammerling - "No, no.  They've been rehearsed."
George - "Those pigeons know what to do.  They were in the Seven Commandments."
Bishop - "Oh yeah!  I was a rabbi in that one."

Phyllis - "What the hell is the legitimate stage?"
Miss Leighton - "It's what Al Jolson did before he got famous in pictures.  He worked for some real estate people - the Shuberts."

Coat Check Girl - "There's a call out for prostitues on Wednesday"
Cigarette Girl - "Remember that prostitue I did for Paramount?"
Coat Check Girl - Yah, but that was silent.  This is for talking prostitues".

Florabel - "They said John Barrymore used to be on the legitiment stage"
Miss Leighton - "You'd never know it from his acting, would you."

"I don't mind you stealing from Fox or Metro, but if we steal our own stuff we'll never know where we are".

Susan - "Have you had anything produced?"
Ernest - "Well Paramount is dickering for something of mine right now."
Susan - "Did you hear that mother?  Paramount is dickering!"

Miss Leighton - "My grandfather was in the Civil War."
Phyllis - "The Civil War - Didn't D.W. Griffith produce that?"

"Miss Walker is a young woman who has a chance of becoming the world's worst actress.  She's young yet - and getting worse right along."

Helen - "Have you seen Lawrence Vail, he's a playwright from New York.  He came out here from New York and he seems to have disappeared."
Miss Leighton - "That's terrible.  Have you tried Paramount?"
Helen - "No, he's not at Paramount.  They've lost six playrights of their own in the last month."

Man - "What's the use?  The part isn't your type.  This girl is eighteen and a virgin"
Woman - "I look eighteen under lights and I can talk like a virgin."

Helen - "So that's your business, taking names off of doors?"
Flick - "I do more door work than anybody in Hollywood.  Out at First National the other day I went right though the studio, every door.  Some people didn't know they were out until they saw me taking their names off."
Helen - "Must have been a nice surprise"
Flick - "Sometimes they leave their office and go out to lunch and by the time they back back it says 'Barber Shop'."