wss-tonyWe hereby declare the MST Scholarship fund raiser closed and a complete success! Thank you to all of our supporters. Every donation makes a difference in the life of a young artist. This summer, you can truly say "I made that happen!"

Special thanks to Eric Quinn, Jim & Kelly Poulos, Kele Gasparini, Emily Gates, Alan Byrne, Vickie Sutton-Beattie, Martha Edelson / Madory Family, Britt Block, Philip Lehman-Brown, Marty Garcia-Cotter, Kathleen Lehman, Gay White, Erika & David Smith, Eileen Grady, John Carr, Sylvia Barry, Jane White, Sarah Stahl, Paula Foley, Barbara Roddie, Jocelyn Roddie, Alison Peltz, Margie Houser, Cynthia Garrett, Stacye Bramblett, Elizabeth Conlon, Rosanna Chenette, Jackie Garcia-Cotter, Mr. & Mrs James Lang, Pat Fusco, and Pam Nichter.