A very public thank you to NUSD

NUSD logoAs MST prepares to open Almost Maine, we would like to take a moment to publicly thank the Novato Unified School District (NUSD) for their support of Marin Summer Theater. Without NUSD support, MST would not be possible.  MST receives support from the local business and non-profit community, the Marin County Board of Supervisors, and won national awards, but NUSD is our largest and single most important supporter.
In the past five summers that NUSD has graciously allowed MST to base our operations at San Marin High, MST was worked with over 375 theater and arts students to present 15 different main stage productions to close to 10,000 audience members. Our student company members come predominately from Novato, but also represent almost every high school in Marin. In an average year, our company is comprised of students from thirty different public schools, colleges and universities.
MST's original mission of supporting serious and dedicated theater students regardless of means has remained intact. We have maintained our low tuition fees while increasing our scholarships every year. This year we have 86 student company members and granted over 30 scholarships. The majority of our student company works or attends classes during the day. A great number of company parents volunteer their time and staff stipends barely covers transportation and out of pocket costs. We do this because we love it and want to support the next generation of theater professionals.
Everyone we have worked with at NUSD, including Facilities (Mark Silvia, Judge Taylor, Dave Ash, Mark Miller), Administration and Classified (Adam Littlefield, Ray Mayoral, Nancy Zanardi, Janice Blair, Annie Hartje) and Teaching (Alison McIvor, Linda Kislingbury-Cain, Rodney Franz) and many others has been supportive, accommodating, and helpful above and beyond any reasonable expectation. 
In addition we offer our thanks to Superintendent Shalee Cunningham, the NUSD Board and to every NUSD employee, many of whom support MST in ways which we are not aware.  Thank you NUSD. You are our angel.